DOU and SUA spend the NIGHT at the airport [On the Way to the Airprot]


When Dou and Sua meet each other at the airport for the first time, she treats him just the same way as she does to other clients.

As they come back from Malaysia, two different challenges are waiting for the two. For Sua, she is still worried about her daughter as she has to be left alone most of the time. She is not comfortable with her strict husband, either.

In cast of Dou, he finds it hard to understand his wife. Even though they lost their only daughter, his wife seems to be find with it. This kind of her behavior hurts his feelings much.

Trapped in these stern realities of life, they go back to Malaysia for different purposes at the same time. However, as the flight gets delayed, they have to spend the night at the airport. During the night, they talk about their daughters.

Will they be able to become good friends with each other? What if their relationship ends up being way out of bounds?

[On the Way to the Airport]

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