Dongmun’s eyes blaze with jealousy! [Girls’ Generation 1979]`


In the previous episode, Jeonghui and Dongmun went on their first “date” to eat stir-fried rice cake. Dongmun was unable to conceal his joy of eating together with Jeonghui. It seemed like they got a little closer in the last episode.

Dongmun begins to tutor Jeonghui‘s twin brother Bongsu, and he doesn’t miss out on the chance to impress Jeonghui. He explains how to solve a problem, and Jeonghui looks at him with admiration.

And Dongmun is the cutest boy when he gets jealous! He’s mad at the fact that he lost to Son Jinin a scuffle, so he practices martial arts. When he sees Jeonghui and Son Jin together in the rooftop, his eyes blaze with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Son Jin tells Jeonghui that she’s cute! The atmosphere between them seems to have changed. Will Jeonghui‘s unrequited love receive a response?

[Girls’ Generation 1979]

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