Dongman♥Aera♥Mubin♥Hyeran in a four way love triangle! [Fight for My Way]


Now, Dongman, Aera, Mubin and Hyeran have to deal with their four way emotional love triangle.

Dongman finally decides to continue his career in sports. He tells his coach, “I want to do sports again. I’ve made up my mind!” It is probably Kim Taksu who reminds him of his old dream.

To make an announcement, he goes straight to his house where Aera is. On his way, he sees Aera together with Mubin. Mubin wants her to know how he feels for her. Meanwhile, Dongman doesn’t like the pink mood going on between them.

The next day, Hyeran visits Dongman‘s place to meet him. Aera warns her, “If you want to go back to Dongman, you should shoot me before.”

Their complicated love triangle is just beginning!

[Fight for My Way]

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