Done with Hairline Worries! Sweet Tips for Bun Hair Styling


[by Hwang Yeon Do] Many of female celebrities try the neatly tied up hairstyle. It is not only natural, but also because it can create a mild and feminine look.

Depending on the height, method and bangs, it can create variety of looks but it is not for everybody. If you have a complex with the shape of your forehead, hairline or facial contours, it can be intimating to try the hairstyle. Recently, there are hairline correction procedures being created for women who have issues with unattractive foreheads.

So, here is to those women who were too overwhelmed to challenge the slicked back hairstyle. Let’s analyze female celebrities with beautiful hairline and all become a ‘slicked back queen’ with sweet tips for creating a gorgeous hairline without surgical procedures.

# Sweet and lovely, The Bun

The ‘bun’ is made by twirling your hair up and it is also known as ‘top knot’ ‘poop hair’ among other names. The ‘bun’ is loved by many women since it’s suitable with both casual and dressy outfits.

Along with her sweet voice and lovely appearance, IU is a female star that is very well known for the ‘bun’ hairstyle. IU wore casual black hoodie and let her baby hairs fall in the middle of the forehead to boost her cute image.

Girls’ Generation Yoona is loved by many people for her beautiful appearance and bright character. In a white turtleneck knitted sweater and padding jacket with a hooded fur, she pulled down a few strands of hair with her bun to create her look. The slightly wavy side hair and the naturally flowing bangs made the exceptionally small face look even smaller.

‘Figure Queen’ Kim Yuna has always presented her tamed slicked back style during her competition. She is a celebrity with one of the most beautiful hairline and forehead. She made an appearance at an event wearing a pink jacket with a ‘bun’ to create a sporty look.

# Cool Charm, Pony Tail

You can make a pony tail with all hair types rather it’s straight or wavy. Since it gives a natural and classic feel, it is a favorite hairstyle for female stars during official appearances.

At a drama production presentation, actress Yoo In Na showed off a feminine charm with a textured ponytail and a sequined blouse. With her perfect egg-shape face, straight eyebrows and natural make up, she completed fresh look.

Ahn So Hee, who transformed from Wonder Girls’ member to an actress; She is melting the hearts of her male fans with her soft eyes with single eyelids and plump cheeks. She attended the VIP premiere of the movie ‘The Age of Shadows’ recently wearing a black see-through blouse with a ponytail to create an elegant and innocent look.

Hyeri is known as the ‘national cute girl’ with her cute face and lovely tone of speech. She attended the ‘Free Semester Ambassador Commitment Ceremony’ showed off her lively charm by wearing a white shirt and high-top ponytail. She looked fresh with natural makeup and pink lips.

# Kim Yoo Jung–Park Soo Jin>> Top knot inside the Social Media

The ‘national sister’, Kim Yoo Jung’s fashion style is always a hot topic. She shares her natural charm through her social media on regular basis. She often shows off her lovely charm with a top knot hairstyle.

She often makes her baby hairs stand out when she creates a ‘bun’ hairstyle. When we look closely to her styles in the photos, we can see she let her baby hairs down to the sides to make her face line even slimmer.

Park Soo Jin looks more beautiful in her daily life. Her easy and breezy top knot hair emphasizes her slim neck line and beautiful hairline. She added natural grace with light transparent make up.

[Top Knot Styling TIP]

Many women stay away from the slicked back hairstyle because they are afraid of their faces looking too big or emphasizing the facial imperfection they want to hide. So, here are some tips to help you create a pretty top knot hair style while covering up the ‘problem’ area.

The first thing you should not do when you are making a top knot is to never tie your hair too tightly. For natural look, use a comb to make volume close to the hair follicles. It is also important to use your baby hair to show off the hair line. Using the baby hair can make you face look smaller can help you look younger by adding baby like charm.

For those who worry about limited baby hairs, wide forehead and uneven hairline, let’s try hairline makeup products that can naturally fill in the empty areas. It is also a good idea to cover the face structure lines naturally with non-excessive contour makeup.

#Editor Pick

1 Innisfree ‘Real Hair Makeup’ consists of products that creates natural hairline as if it was real. First, the ‘Real hair makeup tint’ is water and sweat proof hair tint that fills empty areas.

‘Real Hair Makeup Jelly Concealer’ is a high-color hair concealer that fills the gap between hairlines with a powder-free jelly texture. It is made up of 5 colors and can be selected according to the hair color. ‘Real hair makeup fixer’ is a mist setting spray that will enhance the hair make-up with perfect setting power.

2 Too Cool For School ‘Art Class By Robin Highlighter’ contains nude tone peals similar to natural skin color that can express radiant skin. By applying the product on your C zone and T zone, your facial feature can be more defined, which will make your face look smaller.

3 ETUDE HOUSE ‘Facial Contouring Palette’ is a mixture of natural shading colors to help you complete a three-dimensional contour makeup without overstating it. Following your facial structure, if you blend out with proper shades, you should be able to produce three-dimensional face.

4 The Hair Mother Cellar ‘Scalp and Hair Tonic Plus’
, was made for dry and thinning hair to boost elasticity and strength. It is a perfect hairline care product since it prevents hair loss along with increasing the thickness of your hair. (photo by bntnews DB, Kim Yoo Jung Instagram, Park Soo Jin Instagram, Innisfree, Too Cool for School, Etude House, The Hair Mother Cellar)