DAY6 Has Something To Say


[by Ent Team] DAY6 is back in March.

Power band DAY6’s upcoming digital single is entitled ‘Every DAY6 March.’

The EVERY DAY6 projet started back in January of this year and consists of a yearly project that releases a new single every month. Last month, the group released two songs, ‘You Were Beautiful’ and ‘My Day’ and plans on doing so until the end of 2017.

March’s single is entitled ‘How Can I Say’ and it boasts a rock sound meeting electronic music for a dancehall kind of mix. As they released the teaser images of members Sung Jin and Jae, JYP Entertainment unveiled the countdown to the release of the digital single.

DAY6 is also holding a concert on March 4 and 5, ‘Every DAY6 Concert in March’, as they do every month to celebrate the release of their project.

Meanwhile, DAY6 writes and produces their song in order to show their true colors to their public. (photo by JYP Entertainment)