Dalshabet Soo Bin Releases New Single


[by Ent Team] Dalshabet Soo Bin releases her solo single.

On December 22, Soo Bin’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, unveiled the cover jacket of her album on social media.

Soo Bin’s album will have two themes: moon and swings. And the cover jacket that was revealed today relates to the latter. Eyes closed, Soo Bin poses as though she was riding a swing even though she’s just sitting on the floor. The idea of a swing is portrayed through the use of wires and bulbs.

Soo Bin already showed her singer-songwriter talent with her previous solo singles. With this comeback, she will show a new musical face, satisfying her fans’ needs and wishes.

Meanwhile, Soo Bin’s new solo single will be out on December 28. (photo by Happy Face Entertainment)

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