Dal Shabet with their 9th mini album “Naturalness”


Dal Shabet as a 4 member group is back stronger than ever with their new mini album “Naturalness.”

In their 9th mini-album, Dal Shabet shows a different style, compared to their last comeback, “Joker is Alive”.

The album includes each member’s own solo songs. Woohee sings “Because I Love You”, Serri sings “Good Boy”, and Ahyoung sings “Dreams Come True”, refining their musical talents.

Alongside the lyrics, “Someone Like U” is the upbeat, funky song that would make their fans dance all day. It would make them reminiscent of the dance songs from the 80s and 90s. This is definitely a strong release by Dal Shabet.

[Image source: captured by ‘Someone Like U“ MV]