D.O Gets Closer With His Hyungs


[by Ent Team] The members of Knowing Bros fell in love with EXO D.O.

In the episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros on July 22, EXO’s D.O. made an appearance as a former student.
EXO just released an album and is currently undergoing promotion. Through this episode, D.O is to reveal many stories that were never seen been before.
The singer also revealed his future hope: that of becoming a farmer. He immediately became the farming Comte of the show, with Lee Su-geun, quickly turning into the high-end actor that we know. All the bros of the show fell in love.
In this episode, D.O is also to reveal some of his special skills which added to his charms: they couldn’t hide their astonishment, queuing up in front of the young man to show their admiration.
Meanwhile, Knowing Bros airs on JTBC. (photos by JTBC Knowing Bros)
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