D-day of First Broadcast of ‘Wanna One GO’, Who is the Member that All Members Avoid in the Room Assignment?


[by Ent Team] The golden opportunity to meet Wanna One’s various charms is here.

The upcoming Mnet ‘Wanna One GO’ is a program that focuses on the reality of Wanna One member’s training camp to the behind story of their debut.

Today’s broadcast will show the thrilling start of their training camp to the ‘1X1=1’ mission of which they were assigned partners, as well as the unveiling of the title song and music video teaser that fans have been waiting in anticipation for.

It shows the lively dorm life of the members from the first day of room assignments. You can see the free unaffected image of the members as there are observational cameras posted in each room. Meanwhile the members playing tricks in front of the camera will also make you smile.

You can check out through the broadcast the image of the members that go from being curious about whom they are rooming with to being completely shocked to find red thread throughout the entire dorm.

Also, the members are curious as to which room assignment they will get through which mission by Wanna Able Pick. We look forward to seeing the chemistry of the members who go through various missions such as a farming experience, restaurant tour, etc.

For those members who are left at the dorm, what type of expressions will they show? There is high curiosity as to the other person besides Yoo Seonho who finds the dorm.

Lastly, Wanna One’s title song that was chosen through the citizens’ votes will finally be revealed. There is the highest anticipation as to which song will be chosen as the title song between the boy group Wanna One’s ‘Burn it Up’ and ‘Energetic’. The music video teaser will also be revealed through ‘Wanna One GO’, thus there is an enthusiastic response to the first broadcast.

A ‘Wanna One GO’ representative remarked, “There are moments in which the members show their intimate affection for each other but during the room assignment, all the members avoided(?) a certain member,” making people more curious. They also requested, “There are many things that will be shown for the first time through the broadcast, so please tune in.”

Meanwhile, Wanna One’s first reality show Mnet ‘Wanna One Go’s first broadcast is tonight (3rd) at 7:40 pm. (photo by Mnet)

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