D-day for First Broadcast of ‘Manhole’, Cast Takes a Proof Shot


[by Ent Team] Ahead of the first broadcast of ‘Manhole’, a cheerful proof shot has been released.

Ahead of the first broadcast of KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Manhole-Wonderland’s Pil (Script: Lee Jae Gon, Director Park Man Young/ hereafter Manhole)’ the actors left a message.

‘Manhole’ is a time-slip comedy adventure about jobless Bongpil (Kim Jaejoong) who by chance falls into a manhole and goes through a strong and varietized ‘do-or-die’ time travel.

After the manhole begins Bongpil who doesn’t know where he landed starts his time travel and even his smallest actions mix up reality, changing the new world with a butterfly effect. Bongpil’s haphazard time travels to get his one-sided love of 28 years and to get a hold of the tangled present will relieve you of the heat and make you laugh.

In addition, the released picture shows the amicable faces of the 4 ‘ripe avengers’ of Kim Jae Joong, UEE, Jung Hyeseong, and Baro. Just from looking at the picture you can see the warm chemistry between the four actors.

Also, Kim Jaejoong who played the role of unemployed Bongpil left an encouraging message full of affection, “In this especially hot summer, I hope you can enjoy the refreshing and pleasant drama ‘Manhole’. Tonight at 10pm, Pil’s time-slip travels begin. Don’t miss out!”

Meanwhile KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Manhole-Wonderland’s Pil’ will have it’s first broadcast today (9th) at 10pm. (photo by Celltrion Entertainment)

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