[Coral vs Pink] Battle of the best colors for your face


The importance of blush is often ignored when choosing makeup. Wearing blush instantly makes you look younger and healthier as it adds a glow to face and warms up the skin. Using the right blush for your skin tone gives your face definition by highlighting your cheekbones.

Choosing the right blush for your skin can be quite confusing which is why some women avoid it altogether, because wearing the wrong shade can ruin your entire makeup look.


Mamonde Jelly Blusher

Popular K-drama star, Park Shin-hye is known for her effortless way of pulling off the rosy cheek look and still maintaining her soft, feminine glow. She works with her skin tone, avoiding dark colors and blending everything in to give a soft finish.

Two safe and fun options you can try on all skin tones are coral and pink. These are beautiful shades that could be pretty generic; there’s a shade for every skin tone. There is the perception that pink shades are better for fair skin tones as they would appear more natural and coral is warm for those with darker skin tones.



Of course, these colors come in different shades so using the guide below, you should be able to find the right match for your skin.

For fair skin tone: choose a very soft pink that won’t stand out against your fair skin. Your best bet would be to go for a classic pink blush. The color should be able to look as natural as possible but still bring warmth to your skin. If you are within the medium to fair skin range, go for a color with a bit more warmth, like soft coral with brown undertones.

For medium skin tone: with this skin tone, you can experiment a bit more. Try using corals ranging from a light to deep hue. You can also use a rosy pink shade and blushes that come in a deep peach shade. Warm colors work perfectly with your skin tone but be sure you are not going too warm that it begins to get dark.

For dark skin tone: you can go dark and bold, but still subtle. Try deep pinks and colourful coral shades. Avoid light shades, they would make your skin look washed out and the color would stand out against your skin color in an unnatural looking way.



Simple tips to applying blush the right way:

For powder blush: using an angled blush brush, lightly pound the brush into the blush. Tap the handle of the brush to make sure that any excess falls off the brush and then using light, swirling motions, apply to the cheeks.

For cream brush: using your finger or a flat bottomed brush, dab into the blush and using a swirling motion, blend the cream into your skin, working from the outside toward the center of the cheeks.

For liquid or gel blush: use your fingers to dot the product on your skin. Take a beauty sponge or blender (you can still use your finger), dab the blush, working it into your skin.

Make sure you blend the blush in with your finishing powder to give it a natural look.

The idea of adding blushes to your makeup routine might be a bit daunting but if done right, adding color to your cheeks would give your face a lot of warmth and instantly make you look younger and healthier.



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