Cjamm Criticizes BewhY’s Face?!


[by Woorim Ahn] Cjamm dissed BewhY’s appearance.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Happy Together3’, ‘Show me the Swag’ special will be aired as it invited SanE, Cjamm, Jessi and Jung Junha.

During filming the program, Cjamm revealed his regret on winning the second place in ‘Show Me the Money5’ after BewhY and dissed his look.

Cjamm said, “If BewhY was good-looking, I would be very competitive on winning the show, but it wasn’t as he is ugly. I wish my competitor looks better than him” about the question of BewhY as his competitor.

Jessi added, “BewhY is getting better” and he refuted, “He isn’t getting more handsome. He is getting less ugly” and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, ‘Happy Together’ airs on Thursdays at 11:10pm KST. (photo by KBS)

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