Choa from AOA reportedly to halt all activities next year.


FNC responded that “nothing has been decided” regarding her activities next year.

Choa is currently modeling for a sportswear brand Ellesse Korea. Other than that, there are no additional activities or contracts for Choa. It was reported that Choa would halt all activities when her contract with Ellesse Korea ends in the beginning of next year.

When Choa departed from AOA in June, she implied that she no longer wants to engage in entertainment activities. She said, “Although I was the oldest in the group, I am still young, and I wanted to cry a lot of the times. I even took medicine to cure my insomnia and depression, and I’ve been gradually lessening my schedule since 2 years ago, but fatigue was not the cause of the problem, so I’ve come to halt all activities.”

In response to the reports of her potential retirement, FNC Entertainment responded, “Choa is taking a break right now. And there is nothing decided regarding her activities next year.”

[image source: FNC Entertainment]