Cheetah Collaborates with Hanhae for Her New Song


[by Woorim Ahn] Cheetah and Hanhae met for a collaboration work.

On January 27 at midnight, rapper Cheetah will release new digital single entitled ‘Blurred Lines’ and its music video.

New song ‘Blurred Lines’ talks two different perspectives of a man and a woman when they see each other as a friend, but a lover. Its sympathetic lyrics and sad melodies harmonized well to stimulate the listeners’ emotions.

Moreover, Hanhae participated in featuring to help her out and the two are known as producing a great synergy, so it raised the fans’ expectations. Particularly, Cheetah’s change in the music video teaser caught the audiences’ attention. While she used to have short hairstyle and boyish fashion, she changed to long hair and alluring clothes.

Meanwhile, ‘Blurred Lines (feat. Hanhae)’ by Cheetah will be out on January 27 at midnight. (photo by C9 Entertainment)