‘Cheek Fat Disappears With Age’ Can It Be Regained?


[by Sung Hee Yeon] Business woman Lee Ji Yoon (false name, 34 years old) was recently shocked while looking through photos in her phone’s photo album from a year ago. Although her photos were taken only a year ago, Ji Yoon’s face was full of vitality unlike her present face.

The biggest difference between Ji Yoon in her past photos and her present face now is the overall volume of her face. Unlike her face from a year ago, which had a distribution of fat on both her cheeks and face, she currently has barely any cheek fat and only sagging skin remains, causing her face to appear tired and old.

If you are like Ji Yoon and wish to appear like you used to be in the past, multiple steps must be taken to care for the face. If you wish for rapid results within a short period of time, cosmetic surgery can become one possibility.

Chief Director Oh Dong Suk of Korea’s famous cosmetic surgery clinic Start Plastic Surgery Clinic stated that “cheek fat is one area of the body that can be lost easily without going on a diet” and that “in some cases, people gain fat in other areas of the body while trying to regain the fat on their cheeks so the 252 fat graft is recommended for correcting the dimensions of the face”.

The 252 fat graft procedure is a complex surgery consisting of fat graft and Botox, lifting, whitening and PRP injections. The procedure is gaining a lot of attention from those who wish to get a fat graft on desired areas of the face, lift their sagging skin to create firmness, and gain the dimensions and cheek fat.

In the case of fat graft procedures, the satisfaction rates can differ depending on the method in which the fat is purified. In the case of normal fat graft procedures, there is a risk for free-oil phenomenon, a condition in which the fat oils flow out.

However, the 252 fat graft procedure uses a pressure that does not damage the fat when extracting and uses a centrifugal separator to minimize cell damage and increase the maintenance period. Purifying the fat from the free-oil and blood, anesthesia, and bodily fluids that were extracted with the fat can minimize side effects and create a natural face line.

Chief director Oh Dong Suk added that “the 252 fat graft procedure is a procedure that many people are looking for because it can correct the dimensions of the face and reveal the hidden V-shaped face line without having to structure or carve out any bones,” and recommended that “ it is however,  important to consult with a professional with lots of experiences in handling complex procedures”.

(photo by: Start Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)

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