Catch Up With The Perfect Naked Face of Actresses Even With No Makeup


[by Sung Hee Yeon/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Many Actresses who are well-known for their baby face possess perfect skin even without makeup.

If you want to have a perfect naked face like them, focus on moisturizing care because aging such as the formation of wrinkles and decreased elasticity occur faster when moisture is not properly delivered deep into the skin.

Pay attention to this article if you are one of those women who cannot go out without makeup. We will introduce skincare tips for getting fine skin and so, you won’t be afraid of going out with a naked face anymore.

STEP 1. Supply Moisture to Your Body

No matter how often you apply high quality skincare products, it is difficult for you to keep a fine skin if you don’t manage the water content in your body. Supply moisture with water, vegetables and fruits. It is the most fundamental rule that you should keep in mind in the dry winter.

–    Drinking Water: Drinking water is not only for taking care of your skin but also a habit that you should cultivate for your health. Regular water intake can moisturize the skin and eliminate wastes in our bodies for a bright complexion. It seems simple but you might easily forget to do so at the right timing due to a busy schedule, so you can try using applications or alarms to remind yourself.

–    Fruit Consumption for Water Intake:
Fruits provide both moisture and vitamins, making them effective for skincare. Kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges and can prevent spots and freckles while delivering moisture. Also, apples are rich in Vitamin B, C, Hemoglobin and polyphenol to avoid skin aging and restore elasticity.

STEP 2. Form A Moisture Layer On Your Skin

After supplying moisture to your body with water and fruits, use functional products or visit specialists to form a moisture layer on your skin. It can help get a hydrated, healthy naked face and prevent moisture loss due to the dry air.

–    Use oil and cream to form a moisture layer:  Using oil and rich cream can prevent moisture loss and form a tight moisture layer. Apply them lightly in your last skincare step. However, if you have oily skin, you should avoid applying them on T-zone area.

–    Professional care: If it is difficult for you to maintain a dewy skin by just doing home care, visits specialists. The spokesperson of The Red Clud, a premium total beauty shop, revealed, “In winter, our skin’s moisture is removed easily, causing a dull and dry skin”, adding, “If you want to balance out the water and oil content to regain healthy skin, Specialized Moisturizing Treatment is the right choice”.

Specialized Moisturizing Treatment of The Red Club is a professional treatment that supplies essential moisture needed by the body and helps keep your skin healthy. Specialists will perform manual massage for you from face to décolleté and choose an ampoule that fits your skin type for supplying nutrients.

If you have an extremely dry skin, doing Hydrating Treatment to intensively provide moisture to the skin is recommended. Through deep cleansing, mask management, manual techniques, ampoule care and applying water gel, it supplies oxygen and moisture to the skin to perform highly moisturizing care. (photo by The Red Club, bntnews DB)