Catch-Up to Jessica’s Skin Through the ‘3W’ Care Method


[by Woo Ji An] The horrible heat has passed and wanting to take a rest now in the morning and at night you can feel the cold as the chilly wind blows. As summer changes to fall it is easy to catch a cold or a nasal inflammation thus healthcare is important. Especially as your skin resistance becomes weaker in the dry weather, your skin condition can become worse through worsening symptoms of troubles like atopy, you need to be cautious.

However, regardless of changing seasons or the four seasons, Jessica’s desirous skin that is soft and smooth. What are her skin care know-hows?

Recently Jessica who told how she’s doing through Naver V Live, emphasized the importance of water intake when she asked about the secrets to skin care. “I just drink water.” Her disclosed skin care secret is ‘moisture’. Let’s investigate the 3W care method of whitening, washing and water in order to make strong skin.


The basics of strong skin care is washing your face. The key point is to do meticulously cleansing in the morning at night, cleanly removing waste inside your pores. In the case where you put on heavy makeup, it’s good to double cleanse your face in order to completely remove residue. Also before bathing, if you drink a glass of warm water and then shower, you promote blood circulation and it will help waste removal. Showering often can cause skin dryness so showering 1-2 times a day is adequate.

# Water

Normally the water content of the stratum corneum is around 15~20% but in the changing spring and fall seasons it falls to 10%. Therefore drinking more than 9 cups of water a day to maintain the moisture of the stratum corneum is good. Adequate water intake activates the metabolism and blocks the melanin pigmentation caused by dry skin. If dead skin accumulates, it blocks the moisture and makes skin crumply, thus you need to be cautious of skin dryness symptoms. After properly removing dead skin cells in the changing seasons, it’s important to supply nutrients and intensive moisture to the skin.

# Whitening

It’s reality that in the summer we pay attention to blocking UV rays but we are lenient in the fall. However careless applying sunblock just because the weather has gotten chillier isn’t good.  This is because the melanin pigmentation was already increasing in the summer and becomes exceptionally noticeable freckles in weaker UV rays as well. Let’s continue protecting our skin with products that are above SPF 15.

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