Carnival (The Last Day) -Gain


Carnival (The Last Day) Lyrics English

Is it too late?
Have you been waiting for a long time?
Was the night without me deep long and dark?
Then let’s stop this late evening now
And shall we leave for the day back then that you didn’t know me?
So that I don’t have to worry anymore

When the door of Carnival opens tonight,
Forget everything about me
The end is surprising
It’s just the night same as last night
The carnival of midnight
Even hotter than the light
I was there
And I was beautiful
I hold everything and disapeear like the flame

There’s a white night
Just like I came to a different world
There is a night
Just like I became a different person
I become the brightest light and dance
If it disappeared just like a dream
Everything would be perfect

I was there
And I was beautiful enough
The night is gone
We were beautiful
Would there be any more perfect moment than that night?

Welcome to my Carnival When it begins
I’m leaving you
Don’t worry Don’t cry
It’s just the night same as last night

Welcome to marvelous day
The day I was dreaming that I’ve been waiting
My everything was for you from the first place
Keep this in mind
And forget about me

Carnival (The Last Day) Romanization

neo-mu neu-jeon-na-yo
hok-si ma-ni gi-da-ryeon-na-yo
ttae-ron nae-ga eom-neun ba-mi
gip-go gil-go eo-du-won-na-yo
geu-reom neu-jeun jeo-nyeo-geul meom-chwo cheon-cheon-hi
nae-ga cheo-eum-bu-teo
eop-deon nal-lo tteo-na-bol-kka-yo
na geok-jeong an hal su it-ge

o-neul bam ka-ni-ba-rui mu-ni yeol-li-myeon
geu-ttaen jeong-mal lal ri-jeo
kkeu-chi-ran nol-la-wo-yo
eo-je-wa ga-teun bam-nil ppu-nin-de
han-ba-mui ka-ni-ba-rui
geu bul-bit-bo-da jeong-mal tteu-geo-wot-deon
na geo-gi i-sseot-da-neun geol
a-reum-da-wot-da-neun geol
nae a-ne dam-go bul-kkot-cheo-reom sa-ra-jyeo

ha-yan ba-mi i-sseo
ttan se-sang-e on geot ga-teun bam
geu-reon ba-mi i-sseo
nae-ga ttan sa-ra-mi doen geot ga-teun bam
je-il hwan-han bul-kko-chi doe-eo chum-chu-da
ma-chi kku-min deu-si
heun-jeok geop-si sa-ra-jin-da-myeon
da wan-byeo-kal geot ga-teun-de

na-neun geo-gi i-sseot-go
chung-bun-hi a-reum-da-wot-da
ba-meun sa-ra-ji-go
u-rin na-reum-da-wo-sseo
i-bo-da wan-byeo-kan sun-ga-ni
nae-ge tto ol-kka

welcome to my carnival yeol-li-myeon
nan geu-dae-reul tteo-na-yo
geok-jeong ma ul-ji ma-yo
eo-je-wa ga-teun bam-nil ppu-nin-de

welcome to marvelous day
kkum-kku-deon geu-nal jeong-mal gi-da-ryeot-deon
na cheo-eum-bu-teo mo-deun geon
geu-dael rwi-han geo-ran geol
geu ma-eum-man mit-go
na-reul rit-go sa-ra-yo