BTS’s Rap Monster changes his stage name to ‘RM’


BTS‘s leader has announced to change his stage name to ‘RM.’

On November 13, RM wrote to his fans on the official fan cafe. He said, “‘Rap Monster’ was a stage name that I naturally came to be called after a line in a song I had made when I was a trainee, and I grew very fond of it.”

“But I came to think the name ‘BTS’s Rap Monster’ was a bit long, and I realized this name is a far cry from the music I want to share in the future.”

“I would like to change my stage name to ‘RM’ so that it meets the style of music that I am aiming for. I thought about this carefully because I want to make music with an open mind and view.”

“You may feel unfamiliar with my new name, but I’d be grateful if you’d welcome it.”

[Image source: BIG HIT Entertainment]