BTS, again no.1!


Idol group BTS has been ranked no.1 in the boy group brand evaluation chart for 9 months in a row.

They have firmly kept their place for 9month with an unrivaled score of more than a million-point gap with one another hot group EXO, who is ranked second.

How is this result possible?

According to Korea Reputation Center, the communication index that the consumers are creating is always ranked no.1 for BTS. This means that although BTS members are also active in their career, their fans are more actively increasing their brand value through their activities. For instance, BTS is mentioned more on SNS postings and online comments by the consumers more than other boy groups.

Meanwhile, BTS was the first one to be chosen to participate in one of legendary singers Seo Taiji’s “Remake Project 25.”

[Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment]