BTOB’s Im Hyunsik Releases First Solo Song’s MV…’His Real Older Brother Directed?’

[by Ent Team] Im Hyun Sik has released the music video for his solo song.
On July 28th, Cube Entertainment told the news, “The music video for group BTOB’s Im Hyunsik’s ‘Swimming’ has been released”.
In relation, Im Hyunsik released the music video for his solo song ‘Swimming’ to BTOB’s official SNS and official music portal sites on the 27th following the release of the song on the 24th.
Especially the fact that Director Im Yoonsik who directed the ‘Swimming’ music video is Im Hyunsik’s real older brother is a point to look out for. Im Hyunsik’s collaboration with his older brother, who majored in comic storylines, adds more specialness to the music video.
In addition, Im Hyunsik participated from producing to the cover image and music video himself, showing his excellent sense in not just music but also arts and filming.
Meanwhile, Im Hyunsik’s solo song ‘Swimming’ that is BTOB’s solo single project ‘Piece of BTOB’s fourth batter is a track of the alternative rock genre that he has liked since he was little. The song was released at 6pm on the 24th. (photo by Cube Entertainment)