BTOB Is Back With Special Songs


[by Ent Team] BTOB just pushed the comeback button.

BTOB will soon release its 7th mini-album ‘NEW MEN’ and today the group unveiled its second teaser image on social medias.

The black & white photo shows the members as though they had been frozen inside ice blocks. The manly charms that exude from the boys’ sexy looks and respective poses are already catching female fans’ hearts.

The title song ‘I’ll be your man’ tells about the prayer that a man in love says to become the one and only to his lover. The song includes a rap line that is powerful and relevant, expressing the various talents and colors of the group.

Also ‘NEW MEN’ contains one special fan song dedicated to the group’s public – and that’s the song they’re especially waiting for.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s seventh mini-album ‘NEW MEN’ will be released on November 7 on respective music sites. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)