BTOB Drops Its Album Jacket Image


[by Woorim Ahn] BTOB confirmed its comeback title song.

On March 21, the group disclosed its jacket image of ‘Memory of a Spring Day’, which is the title song of its eighth mini album ‘Remember That’, and began its comeback countdown. In the picture, the group appealed its innocent images with modern white look styles.

Particularly, the members’ bare feet to highlight comfort, eyes, the new album’s logo in cherry blossoms emphasized the seven members’ upgraded visuals and changes.

‘Memory of a Spring Day’ is the group’s signature spring carol expressing past love’s memories into sweet sound. The song is the group’s own sentimental work that depicted the season’s warm sense with a medium tempo.

The group’s agency CUBE Entertainment said, “’Memory of a Spring Day’ is a new ballad after ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Way Back Home’. This is the group’s first spring season song, so it is dragging the fans’ attention.”

Meanwhile, BTOB’s new mini album ‘Remember That’ will be released on March 28 at midnight. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)