Brand New Music to Release Its End-year Special Single


[by Woorim Ahn] Brand New Music’s end-year label project single will be released.

Prior to its official release, the agency disclosed ‘BRAND NEW YEAR 2015 ‘BRAND NEW SHIT’’ teaser on its official SNS on December 7.

The agency has released its label project single ‘Brand New Year’ series annually to wrap up the year as the artists gathered around. This year is its fourth year and it has received lots of love from the mass public with its previous singles ‘Happy Brand New Year’, ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’, ‘Brand New Day’ and others.

In the teaser, Verbal Jint, San.E, Bumkey, Hanhae, MC Gree and KittiB joined ‘BRAND NEW SHIT’ and the video raised the audience’s expectations for the musical synergy that they will make through the song.

Brand New Music said, “Brand New Music’s project single is more meaningful since we can show off our friendship despite of the artists’ busy schedules. We wish the single will be a good end-year present for the fans that has supported and loved us.”

Meanwhile, ‘BRAND NEW SHIT’ will be released on December 9 at noon. (photo by Brand New Music)