[bnt pictorial] A Refresh of Kim Junsu


[by Park Seung Hyun, translated by Woorim Ahn] Kim Junsu was an idol group member, a musical actor and finally became a musician. The mass public is anticipating for his next step as he showed his various sides.

He will meet fans in Asia over Seoul as they are waiting for him. He is always there with mischievous smile, but he took out his serious thoughts for music to stay with the mass public for a long time.

He took a pictorial with bnt in a total of four different concepts. He showed a unique charm in a forest for the first concept and on the following one, he made a mysterious mood like a child.

He highlighted invisible tension to appeal his masculine and sexy charms and for the last, he showed his laidback mind while showing off his masculinity.

During the interview, he revealed the reason why he chose ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ as title song because he wanted to challenge different genres. In particular, he mentioned that he likes hip-hop and rappers regarding his collaboration work with hip-hop artists.

Moreover, he worked with Ben because he is a fan of her for another title song ‘Sweet Melody’. He said it would be good if people listen to it when they are on their way to beach.

He chose musical ‘Mozart’ as the best role he has had so far. In particular, he could express his true feelings without making up through Mozart’s life, feelings and struggles in his life.

Soccer can’t be missed out as a topic while he talked about himself. If he couldn’t be a singer, he said he became a soccer player. He doubted whether he could succeed as a soccer player, but he mentioned that he would try his best to achieve his goal.

Kim Junsu is still running to keep his position as a musician after a long run in his twenties. Just like his clear and unique voice, the vocalist named XIA will be always next to the mass public. (photo by bntnews DB)

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