Black Pink Reveals Individual Teasers of Jennie and Lisa


[by Woorim Ahn] Black Pink is making its comeback.

On October 25, its agency YG Entertainment (YG) disclosed Jennie and Lisa’s individual teasing poster by including comeback title song’s title ‘Playing with Fire’ of its second single ‘SQUARE TWO’ through its official blog.

In the posters, Jennie seems like she is gazing at someone in a car and appealed her sexy charms. Lisa also seems she’s waiting for somebody and showed off her upgraded

Title song ‘Playing with Fire’ contains a meaning that sparkling love can be cooled, so people need to watch out for it just like the lyrics saying ‘Love is like a play with fire, so people get hurt’. The song has totally different mood with ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombaya’, so the mass public is anticipating for the song.

Meanwhile, Black Pink will come back on November 1. (photo by YG Entertainment)