Black Looks Are Always Right


[by Kim Min Soo] The black looks of Jung Chaeyeon, Min Hyo Rin and Son Na Eun appearing different charms to each other captivated people’s attention in the airport, preview, and rehearsal for Music Bank.

Jung Chaeyeon expressed her pure appearance and cheerful charm while Min Hyo Rin showed the sophisticated mood through a black & white look. Son Na Eun’s all-black look attracted men’s heart as a stylish airport fashion.

What are their styling tips with black color?

#Jung Chaeyeon, “I am the queen of cutesiness!”

Jung Chaeyeon, a member of girl group DIA showed up to participate in the rehearsal for Music Bank. On this day, she fully showed her cheerful charm by matching a yellow dress with dotted patterns with a black cardigan. Especially, the rhythmical color match doubled her loveliness for girlish sensitivity.

[Editor Pick] If black color is too dark, a cardigan added with patterns or floral design is recommended. The combination between black and yellow is the fantastic collaboration. When the floral pattern brightens up the overall mood, a lovely image could be expressed.

#Min Hyo Rin, “I am the fashionista”

Actress/singer Min Hyo Rin appearing at VIP premiere of film ‘The Merciless’ showed the sophisticated mood with a black & white look. Her eye-catching suite look emphasizing the chic & mannish image was a bit different from her usual feminine look.

[Editor Pick] The fantastic color match of white & black color representing pureness and pure-white is one of the popular looks as a season-less look. Moreover, if you want more stylish look, match a short suite jacket with wide slacks.

#Son Na Eun, “This is the true airport fashion!”

Son Na Eun, a member of APink showed up in the airport for overseas schedule. Recently appearing in the music video of ‘New Face’ in Psy’s 8th album, she is a well-known fashionista.

Her eye-catching all-black look was a perfect airport fashion. On top of comfortable coordination with T-shirt and leggings, she digested a natural-looking all-black look by slightly throwing a rider jacket on her shoulders.

[Editor Pick] Black looks can show various and attractive styling. Especially, in case of skinny items revealing the leg line, the fashionable mood could be more emphasized, which is a great fashion item for many women. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)