Big star Ryu Jun-yeol shows up at two different movie previews


Big star actor Ryu Jun-yeol attends both movie release preview events, for movies that will be released on the same day.

Ryu Jun-yeol plays Kim Jung-Hwan, a second year high school student, and the family’s second son who all live in Ssangmun Seoul, in the recently begun tvN drama Reply 1988. On top of this Jun-yeol also appeared at the VIP early screening of both his movies The Himalayas and Great Tiger.

Ryu Jun-yeol has attended many movie preview events, even prior to his appearance on Reply 1988. But things have become totally different now.

At the VIP previews he attended, his ascendancy was proven, through the flurry of camera flashes that followed when he went up to the photo wall. Ryu Jun-yeol appears with a bright smile at each of the photo walls. He couldn’t help but to smile while previewing the two blockbusters The Himalayas and Great Tiger.

Both movies Great Tiger and The Himalayas are being released December 16th.


“My mom came for the hiking” Ryu Jun-yeol

At The Himalayas’ preview event held on the 10th Ryu Jun-yeol said, “As you know, my mother came here for the hiking, but I’m here to support the movie.” I asked my mom to enjoy the movie and please support it.”


“My zodiac symbol is the tiger” Ryu Jun-yeol

On December the 8th, at the VIP movie preview event for Great Tiger, Ry Jun-yeol revealed that he was born in the year of the tiger.

Ry Jun-yeol is currently staring the in the TV drama Reply 1988. In it he plays a high school student who lives in Ssangmun, Seoul along with five other families. The family series has been getting a lot of popularity. You can see it every Friday and Saturday on tvN at 7:50pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JTBC Mari and I

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