BANRYU finally gains the courage to kiss SUYEON! [Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]


‘Hwarang’ Banryu and Suyeon finally confirm their love after having a sweet kiss.

After their very ‘uncommon’ first meeting, they start to grow feelings and affection for one another. And, today, they finally make out!

Suyeon is never afraid of expressing her love. Her desperate eagerness for Banryu is cute. Unlike her straightforwardness, Banryu has to be careful because of his two scary fathers.

But, not for today! Banryu finally declares his true feelings when she kisses him on the cheek. Without hesitation, he gently kisses her back.

Poor Banryu has had enough to follow his family’s political leanings. Thankfully, though, he meets lovely Suyeon. Her brightest smile is starting to change him a bit.

Could he step out from his family’s shade? Would he continue to struggle to decide whether to follow Minister Park‘s orders? The new characters are really adding some spark to the story!

[Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]

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