Baekhyun to Release Solo Song Entitled ‘Take You Home’


[by Woorim Ahn] Baekhyun from EXO will catch the fangirls’ hearts.

On April 14 at 6pm KST, he will release the third song of SM ‘STATION2’ through music sites, which is ‘Take You Home’, as well as the music video.

‘Take You Home’ is a medium tempo ballad song that is written by Jo Kyu Man and it is a confession song telling a man’s story comforting a woman with the broken heart expressed by Baekhyun’s sweet voice.

Additionally, the first teaser video of ‘Take You Home’ was out on April 8 and the second video will be opened on April 13 at midnight to raise the fans’ anticipations.

Meanwhile, ‘STATION2’ discloses a new song on Fridays. (photo by SM Entertainment)