Baek Jin Hee encourages the viewers to watch ‘Jugglers’ when it’s cold! [Jugglers]


Baek Jin Hee, who plays Jwa Yuni in ‘Jugglers,’ shared a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “When it’s cold, watch Jugglers at home.”

In the photo, Baek Jin Hee is sitting on the stairs with a padded jacket around her shoulders and hot packs in her hands.

‘Jugglers,’ starring Choi DanielBaek Jin Hee, Kang Hye Jeong and Lee Won Keun, premiered on KBS World on December 6. It is an office romantic-comedy drama in which a secretary with a passive and obedient personality meets a boss who is completely uninterested in others and has no consideration for them.

In the first episode, Jwa Yuni was accused of being in an affair with her boss by his wife. Let’s see how she untangles herself from this situation!

[Image source: Baek Jin Hee Instagram]

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