Baek A Yeon to Release a New Song with GOT7’s JB


[by Woorim Ahn] Baek A Yeon will release a new song.

On November 25 at midnight, her agency JYP Entertainment (JYP) released the second teaser image of her new song with its title ‘Just Once’.

‘Just Once’ caught the mass public’s attention as GOT7’s leader JB participated in featuring. The fans are paying attention to the two artists’ synergy.

Previously, Baek A Yeon proved her ability as a singer-songwriter since she made hits with ‘Shouldn’t Have…’ and ‘So So’, so the news of new song raised the fans’ anticipations.

Meanwhile, ‘Just Once’ by Baek A Yeon will be released on November 30 at midnight. (photo by JYP Entertainment)