Bae Seong Woo Has A Bigger Role Than You Think In The King


[by Ent Team] A behind-the-scene photo of Bae Seong Woo on the set of ‘The King’ is catching attention.

On February 2, a still cut of actor Bae Seong Woo was released.

On the photo, the actor is using a miniature toy motorcycle to impersonate a serious chase.

This still cut proves the fun atmosphere of the filming set of ‘The King’ all while giving a glimpse of Baa’s acting skills.

In ‘The King’, Bae plays Yang Dong Cheol, the college senior of Park Tae Soo (Zo In Sung) and a rotten detective who has a lot of influence on Han Kang Shik (Jung Woo Sung).

Bae also lent his voice to the ending scene of the movie which makes his impact even more important.

Meanwhile, ‘The King’ is already very successful with more than 4,500,000 visitors so far. (photo by NEW)