Bada and Ryeowook Collaborate for ‘STATION’


[by Woorim Ahn] Bada and Ryeowook’s duet song ‘Cosmic’ will be out tonight.

On September 22, Ryeowook’s agency SM Entertainment disclosed that the two people will release a duet song through ‘STATION’ on September 23 at midnight. ‘Cosmic’ is a mysterious pop song highlighting Bada’s clear voice and Ryeowook’s sensitive and soft voice.

Particularly, the collaboration became a hot issue as they made harmony and it is the last song for Ryeowook that he releases before he joins the army.

Moreover, the music video expressed a man and a woman’s love story in destiny, so the mass public is good to feel its sensual mood.

Meanwhile, ‘STATION’ releases a new song on Fridays at midnight. (photo by SM Entertainment)