B1A4 Coming Back From A Dream


[by Ent Team] B1A4 released individual teaser images.

On November 22, B1A4 released the individual teasers of members Jin Young, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gong Chan on social media.

In the photos that were unveiled, the members show an emotional side with profound gazes and a more mature visual. The innovation here is that every teaser has two photographs overlapped. It introduces a more dreamlike aesthetic to what the group used to do.

B1A4’s new release ‘GOOD TIMING’ is the group’s new full-length album, released two years and ten months after the latest, ‘Who Am I’. The title track is a dance song produced by leader Jin Young that contains the group’s specific universe.

Meanwhile, B1A4’s third album ‘GOOD TIMING’ will be released on November 28 and guys are finalizing the product. (photo by WM Entertainment)

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