B.A.P Comes Back With Noir Music


[Ent Team] It’s time for B.A.P to comeback.

On October 21, TS Entertainment unveiled the schedule behind the group’s second full-length album ‘NOIR’ on social media.

According to this schedule poster, the members’ individual teaser images will be released from October 25 to 27, with the group’s image, cover images and highlight video unveiled on October 28.

Same process for the music video trailers which will have respective editions for each member of the group. They will be released on November 1 and 2, with the group’s teaser being expected the next day. On November 6, the group intends to start counting down to the comeback date by performing live on V app and, on November 7, the album will finally hit the stands.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will come back with second album ‘NOIR’ on November 7. (photo by TS Entertainment)

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