Avoid Burn Outs With acousweet’s New Single


[by Ent Team] acousweet is releasing a song that will ease your daily routine.

The duet who debuted in 2015 and made its name known of the public with variety shows, concerts, and drama OSTs, just added Helpless Life on its discography.

The group stated: ’’modern citizens live a very busy life and are prone to burn outs. We, too, have this kind of lethargic moments and we created this song in one of those. Let’s all have lazy moments together.’’

The acoustic guitar that carries the song brings a feeling for familiarity and conviviality that perfectly translates the acousweet’s will: to make help you find a moment to rest and enjoy a little break.

The duet is currently working on its first EP which will be released around the end of this year. With new contents, they hope to make your daily routine a little more bearable with Helpless Life. (photo by K-Sound Entertainment)

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