‘Avatar Chef’ Shin Bong-sun and Han Jung-soo to Become Cooking Avatars!


[by Yoonjung Yi] In the upcoming episode of Olive TV’s cooking program ‘Avatar Chef’, comedian Shin Bong-sun and actor Han Jung-soo will become avatars for Kim So-hee and Yoo Hee-young.

With tuna as the main ingredient, Shin Bong-sun and Han Jung-soo will cook per request of Japanese food Chef Yoo Hee-young and ‘Master Chef Korea’ judge and Chef Kim So-hee.

On this day, Kim So-hee caught the eyes of the viewers by acting different from being a judge for ‘Master Chef Korea’. Unlike her usually calm and cold attitude, she was yelling and being angry at the avatars, which made the studio burst into laughter. Yet, Kim So-hee later complimented her avatar by saying “Great job!’ a several times.

Moreover, Han Jung-soo earned the title of ‘Robot Avatar’ on this day. As soon as he started cooking, he astounded the viewers by slicing the ingredients precisely.

Meanwhile, ‘Avatar Chef’ is a cooking variety program, in which renowned chefs choose and control their avatars to cook as they like within 60 minutes. It airs through Olive TV and tvN on Wednesdays at 8:20pm KST. (photo by Olive TV)

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