April Wedding Season, Guest Fashion Looks Beautiful as Brides


[by Kim Min Soo] The full-fledged wedding season began in spring. The wedding, in which two people become one, proceeds in the blessing of family, friends and acquaintances.

The first thing to worry about when you get an invitation to a wedding is the guest fashion. Nowadays, some say that they pay more attention to their clothes than the amount of the congratulatory money. Of course, the purpose of your presence is to bless the groom and the bride, but all women wants to stand out in formal situation.

It seems too plain and boring to wear what you usually wear to the office, but your fear you’ll stand out too much to wear bright and extravagant wardrobe. Now let’s find out about the fashionable and stylish guest fashion through stars.

# Lee Min Jung

Actress Lee Min Jung has a beautiful appearance and gorgeous body that seem unbelievable as a mom. She recently attended a brand event held at Sinsa Hotel guesthouse and attracted attention with her alluring and elegant appearance.

She looked like a girl from a cartoon in a white dress with flower patterns and reminded everyone of a goddess. She stood in front of the photo wall with a lively smile and completed her style with a bling bling small clutch to create a perfect formal event look.

#Yoo In Young

On the other hand, actress Yoo In Young looked chic and she showed her legs to appeal her sexy and seductive appearance of an actress. She gave a point with a bold accessory and boasted a sophisticated sense of style.

In addition, the one piece dress with impressive ruffle decoration attracted attentions and created feminine and luxurious appearance. She added a white clutch to create a black and white look and completed a clean and formal wardrobe.

#Editor`s Pick

A wedding is a pregame of a blind date. If you want to capture the attention of the groom’s friends, let’s take advantage of the unique patterns. You will be able to step out of the plain and boring style and radiate a feminine and youthful appeal with a flower pattern dress. At this time, wear a light accessory of gold or silver tone to complete a sensible guest fashion.

But for those who want more formality, we recommend a formal color match. The combination of white blouse and black skirt adds a sense of volume and accentuates the constricted waist to emphasize the feminine beauty. It’s rather simple style that will be able to enhance the more sophisticated image. (Photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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