April to Disclose Its Special Teaser


[by Woorim Ahn] Group April disclosed the special teaser image for its winter album ‘Snowman’.

On December 16, the group released the special teaser through its official SNS channel and it caught the mass public’s attention with the group’s innocent and lovely charms. Particularly, the five members in fairy-like looks raised the fans’ anticipations for ‘Snowman’.

A representative of DSP Media said, “All the members prepared for this album with the mind of Santa preparing Christmas presents for the fans. Through ‘Snowman’, April will expand the chances to meet the fans in direct and we will prepare for a time to communicate with them through various channels, so please anticipate for it.”

On November, the group caught many fans’ hearts with its song ‘Muah!’ and the audiences are paying attention to its new concept in ‘Snowman’.

Meanwhile, April’s ‘Snowman’ will be available on December 21 at noon. (photo by DSP Media)

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