Apink Jeong Eun Ji to Hold a Music Concert


[by Bae Jung Yun] Apink Jeong Eun Ji will hold a special music concert and start its solo debut.

Her first solo album ‘Dream’ will be released on April 17 at midnight KST. On the same day at 8pm KST, her first music concert for her fans will be held at a live club in Seoul.

From the upcoming concert, she will have her first solo performance and unveil the live performance of the title song ‘Hopefully Sky’ for the first time.

Particularly, she invited her fans’ family to the concert. She only invited fans who are able to come with their parents or children. The concert is expected to become a meaningful time with the most important people. She prepared a special stage because of her title song, which is about her childhood memory with her father.

Her title song has outstanding sound of folk and refined pop. The best producing team such as Double Kick and EASTWEST participated in making the album. Moreover, Jeong Eun Ji, who transformed into a singer-songwriter, also participated in producing. Her warm voice and emotion will mix together with harmonica playing and double the touching feeling of the song.

Meanwhile, Jeong Eun Ji will drop her first solo album ‘Dream’ on April 17 at midnight KST. On the same day, she will hold the music concert for press at 4pm KST and for fans at 8pm KST. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)

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