AOA Chan Mi, “What’s so bad about guys with no car?” [Hello, Counselor]


Kim Jongseo, Jo Kwon, Hye Jeong and Chan Mi join the talk show, “Hello Counselor“.

One of today’s topics is about a friend who is crazy about cars. He comes to the show to report his friend. He speaks out, “My friend is a car lover. He changed eighteen cars in four years. Because of this, our sixteen-year friendship is about to be cracked. Please, help my friend to stop!”

In fact, this friend had a reason. He had to become crazy about cars after he has failed winning over his first lover’s mind. He thought he could date girls more easily if he had a fancy car.

As Kim Jongseo hears this, he looks surprised and asks AOA Hye Jeong and Chan Mi if girls are all like that. Chan Mi says, “It doesn’t matter, really. I love walking while holding hands together even if there is no car.” Her words definitely make the studio very warm.

[Hello, Counselor]

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