‘Andante’ EXO’s Kai says he is very different when he is on the stage & when he’s not! [Andante]


The press conference for new KBS drama ‘Andante’ was held on September 19. EXO‘s Kai, Lee Ye Hyun, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Chul Min, Kim Gwangsik, and director Park Giho participated in the event.

EXO‘s Kai and model Kim Jin Kyung will be playing their first lead role in a television drama. Kaisaid, “I met good staff and actors and filmed a good drama, so I feel better than ever.”

Kai is praised for being the sexiest idol on stage. He said, “I am very different when I am on the stage and when I’m not. On the stage, I would try my best to look great and sexy. However, I tried to reflect my natural side on Sigyeong.”

Kim Jin Kyung said, “It was a good experience, and I was able to realize my weaknesses. I will do my best to show a variety of characters to the audience.”

Lee Ye Hyun plays Kai‘s younger sister who always quarrel with him over nothing. She said, “When I was in high school, I used to be Kai‘s fan, so I was nervous to act with him. I was too nervous in the beginning, so the chemistry was not as fun, but I think towards the end our chemistry is really funny.”

‘Andante’ features the story of a city-bred high school student who transfers to a school in the countryside and realizes the true meaning of life and love.


Showtime: Tue 23:00 | Re-run: Tue 5:30, Wed 10:30, 18:20(Seoul, UTC+9)