An infinite Aegyo (Cuteness) parade on Showtime: Infinite




The seven members of Infinite show off a parade of cuteness, in the new season on MBC every1’s Showtime: INFINITE.

On Thursday December 10th, the first episode of MBC every1’s Showtime: INFINITE will be broadcast. In the first episode, by the orders of group leader Sungkyu, each member shows off their best cuteness(aegyo 애교).

Leader Sungkyu asked each member show off their live radio program hosting skills, and say something awkward in their own style, while driving.

Sungkyu cleverly went first, then proceeded to berate his members, shouting “What is this?!” “What are you doing?!” as they do their own. On lookers were unable to hide their shock.

After seeing Sungkyu’s demonstrations other members were hesitant. But each of them summoned up their courage to show off their individual charm.

They each looked into the camera with a smile in their eyes and showed off their cuteness while spinning around. Dongwoo did a cute expression using his whole body. Woohyun made girls’ hearts flutter with his natural cuteness. Hoya showed off his smooth cuteness. Manly Sungyeol showed off his tough, yet cute expression, while also making a heart with his hands. Youngest member of the group Sungjong was order to do his cuteness twice, during the Infinite parade of cuteness(aegyo 애교).

You can see the Infinite’s seven members perform their seven deadly aegyos (cuteness) this Thursday December 10th at 6pm on MBC every1’s Showtime: Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by MBC every1 Showtime Infinite

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