All the Scripts for ‘Goblin’ Are Out…What Is Kim Eun Sook’s Choice?


[by Woorim Ahn] Will ‘Goblin’ wrap up with happy or sad ending?

On January 14, tvN drama ‘Goblin’ will air its special episode.

As ‘Goblin’ aired 12 episodes out of 16, the actors, actresses and all the staffs are pouring everything out for its ending. Moreover, scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook is recently done writing with the last script, so the mass public is paying attention to which ending she chose; whether it is happy or not.

Regarding this, tvN said, “’Goblin’ will get to another point at the 13th episode. Since the drama tried a totally new genre, many people offered various guesses and opinions. For the audiences to understand rest of the story easily and funnily we edited the whole drama into a special version and it will be aired on January 14.”

Thus, special episode will be aired on January 14, 14th episode on January 20 and rest of the episodes will be aired on the following day.

Meanwhile, ‘Goblin’ will air its last episode on January 21. (photo by ‘Goblin’ official poster)