Ali to Make Comeback with a Song Written by Lim Chang Jung


[by Woorim Ahn] Vocalist Ali will come back.

On November 17, her agency Juice Entertainment disclosed Ali’s photo and announced her comeback.

In the picture, Ali and Lim Chang Jung are working together for the new song at a recording room. Ali keeps writing down something on her note and Lim Chang Jung is gazing at her with thoughtful face, so it caught the mass public’s attention.

Ali’s new song ‘Thought of You Again (literal translation)’ is a ballad song by the producer that previously composed Lim Chang Jung’s ‘Love Again’ and ‘The Love I Attempted’.

Lim Chang Jung said, “When I heard her voice in ‘Immortal Song’, I shed my tears. I think she is the best female vocalist in Korea. If she was born in the States, she might be popular as Whitney Houston.”

Meanwhile, Ali’s ‘Thought of You Again’ will be released on November 21 at noon. (photo by Juice Entertainment)