Ali Got a Love Call from Mauricio Guerrero


[by Kim Young Shin] Female vocalist Ali saw a green light for her way to America when she was offered songs from a renowned producer, Mauricio Guerrero.

Ali was invited to visit Guerrero and she flew over to Los Angeles on January 9 to record songs with local staffs.

She will record new songs for two weeks under producer Guerrerro’s directions and she will return home on January 23.

According to her agency Juice Entertainment, Guerrero heard Ali’s song at ‘MU:CON SEOUL 2015’ when he came to Korea last October. He sent a request to meet her personally and told her that he wanted to support her career in America, which led to her current recordings.

An official from the agency said, “Mauricio Guerrero said that he fell in love with Ali’s voice and he insisted that she should record an album for American market. Ali said it was an honor and left to the country to concentrate on her new album. The company will make specific plans in America after seeing the result of the new songs.”

Mauricio Guerrero is an eminent producer and engineer from Chile who won Grammy Awards six times. He is one of the biggest contributors to popularize Latin pop. The prominent artists who worked with him include Celine Dion, MC Hammer, Beyonce, Shakira, David Foster, Neil Diamond and Placido Domingo.

He also worked with Korean artists such as Lena Park and Lee Seung Hwan.

Meanwhile, Ali issued her 4th mini album ‘White Hole’ last year and performed vigorously with the title song ‘I, to Me’. From February 17, she will play the role of the heroin in musical ‘Turandot’ and challenge herself as a musical actress. The show will run at D-cube Arts Center in Sindorim, Seoul. (photo by Juice Entertainment)