AKMU to Unveil Its Art Film


[by Bae Jung Yun] AKMU increase people’s expectation toward its new album by releasing a teaser video like a movie.

On April 27 at 10am KST, the group’s agency YG Entertainment unveiled the art film includes the group’s new album concept and story through NAVER TV Cast and its official blog.

The art film, which starts with a gentle melody of the piano, included the story of AKMU moves into an apartment. Just like the album title ‘Puberty’, the film included emotion of puberty that brother and sister experience together in the daily life. Elements that stimulate people’s nostalgia such as a typewriter, bubbles and analog TV appeared in the film and it is capturing the viewer’s attention.

Moreover, a book, which is the main object of the upcoming album, continued to appear in the film and increased people’s curiosity toward the meaning of the book.

Previously, the group disclosed two retro style posters that include pure emotion and confirmed its comeback date as May 4. The mass public’s expectation toward the group’s new album is much higher after the art film has unveiled.

Meanwhile, AKMU’s new album ‘The First Puberty’, which includes a story about puberty experienced by people in the all ages other than just a teenager, will be released on May 4 online and May 9 offline. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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