Actress Wang Bit Na Yells at Jun Hyun Moo


[by Kim Young Shin] Actress Wang Bit Na overpowered Jun Hyun Moo with her femme fatale charisma.

On the upcoming episode of KBS talk show ‘Happy Togheter3’, the guests will talk under the theme ‘You are Just Like a King’. Charming actor and actresses such as So Yoo Jin, Wang Bit Na, Lim Soo Hyang, Shin Hye Sun and Kwon Oh Joong will bring laughter to the audience.

During the filming, Wang Bit Na, an actress famous for playing wicked women’s roles, showed off her talent. She led many dramas to success with her excellent acting skills. The most popular ones include ‘Dear Heaven’, ‘Hwang Jini’ and ‘Two Women’s Room’.

She demonstrated how to personate a villain in the studio. She said, “There’s something I always do when I take the evil scenes. Whenever I get angry, I collect my anger, not letting it out on site.” She explained that she “preheats” her anger before actually acting. The fellow actors were impressed by her method.

While discussing her acting skills, she eyes suddenly turned icy cold, overmastering the host Jun Hyun Moo. She stung at Jun, yelling, “You, stop working too much!” Troublemaker Jun’s easy surrender under her overwhelming aura evoked huge laughter in the studio.

However, Jun soon recovered and sought for his revenge. Their match to outwit each other continued throughout the show.

Meanwhile, ‘Happy Together3’ will air on February 11 at 11:10pm KST. (photo by KBS)