Actress Park Shin-hye’s captivating fall photos are released




Italian fashion brand Brunomagli, released a spring summer photo set of Park Shin-hye on November 3rd.

Park Shin-hye looks part of a trendy and lively atmosphere in the released photos. They reflect a refined urban look of someone in their 20s or 30s, showing that life style.

In the released photos, Park Shin-hye is wearing a red transparent top with a solid red skirt. In another photo she is wearing a pink jacket and pants combo, with a large while bag accessory.

This is Marley Bruno’s spring and summer collection, reflecting a retro Italian style and a next level modern style.

A Marley Bruno representative said “Park Shin-hye shows a high class image while staying comfortable, showing off the seductive style of Markley Bruno fashion! The spring photo collect came out super classy”

He went on to say “Every fine detail has been designed with care. So please look forward to the 2016 spring and summer Marley Bruno collection.”

Park Shin-hye recently began worked with Ko Jung-suk and Do Kyung-soo on the movie Hyung(형 / older brother to a male sibling) and are still shooting.

On stage Park Shin-hye is working with Do Kyung-soo as Doo-young, a directionless boy who discovers the meaning of hardship. However the promising Judo instructor Soo-hyun offers him a second chance at life. Brothers Doo-sik(played by Jo Jung-suk) Doo-young are helped by Park Shin-hye to solve their problems.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Salt Entertainment

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